October 29, 2019
Guide to Tooth Alignment for Adults
Want to know why more adults are opting to get their teeth straightened? There are a lot of tooth straightening options for adults dependent on the type of problems you need to resolve. This guide reviews the pros and cons associated with them, and how to talk to your orthodontist to get the answers you need.
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September 30, 2019
UIC College of Dentistry Tooth Alignment for Adults
If you’re an adult considering treatment options for getting your teeth straightened — you’re in luck.  Today, there are a lot of options to resolve a wide range of orthodontic issues for a straighter, more aesthetically pleasing smile. UIC orthodontists can help guide you to the choice that’s best for you and your needs.
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July 12, 2019
3rd Year Orthodontic Residents Celebrating the Awardee of “Dr. Jerome and Mrs. Joy Fein Endowed Scholarship”
3rd Year Orthodontic Residents are celebrating Dr. Seelig for receiving the “Dr. Jerome and Mrs. Joy Fein Endowed Scholarship” on July 9, 2019. 
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