• January 7, 2020
AAO Meeting, Atlanta, GA 2020

We are excited to announce our submissions to the American Association of Orthodontists Annual Meeting scientific program have been accepted for presentation at the Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia in May, 2020. Below are the presentations from UIC Orthodontics faculty and residents:

  1. Allareddy V. Role of Orthodontist in Continuum of Cleft and Craniofacial Care: An Evidence Based Approach and Current Treatment Guidelines. Oral Presentation - Doctors Scientific Program (Evidence Section).
  2. Elnagar M, Kwon Tae-Geon, Shirazi S, Miloro M, Han MD. Orthodontic correction of anterior open bite using skeletal anchorage; Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Oral Presentation.
  3. Nora Bakhsh, Lina Moreno-Uribe, Sayali Patankar, Christina Nicholas. 3D Analysis of Variation in Alveolar Cleft Defect Shape and Size. E-Poster Presentation.
  4. Yena Jun, Lina Moreno-Uribe, Danika L. Bannasch, Christina L. Nicholas. Investigating A Potential Canid Large Animal Model for Cleft. E-Poster Presentation.
  5. Annie Nguyen, Budi Kusnoto, Sharon Durfee, David Avenetti, Christina L. Nicholas. A Longitudinal Assessment of Growth of the Retromolar Space. E-Poster Presentation.
  6. Degenhardt S, Allareddy V, Sanchez F, Gajendrareddy P, Rengasamy Venugopalan S. Systematic Review of Artificial Intelligence Methods in Orthodontics. E-Poster Presentation.
  7. Ma R, Elnagar M, Lee MK, Sanchez F, Allareddy V. Review of Applications and Challenges of Establishing Clinical Databases: Implications for Orthodontics. E-Poster Presentation.
  8. Rengasamy Venugopalan S, Lee MK, Gajendrareddy P, Allareddy V. Hospitalization Costs of Craniosynostosis Care. E-Poster Presentation.
  9. Cohen L, Azoulay-Avinoam S, Allareddy V. Orthognathic Surgeries and Facial Bone Repairs in those with Craniosynostosis: Nationwide Profile and Outcomes. E-Poster Presentation.
  10. Allareddy V, Sanchez F, Elnagar M, Galang-Boquiren MT, Rengasamy Venugopalan S. Impact of Obstructive Sleep Apnea on Orthognathic Surgery Perioperative Outcomes. E-Poster Presentation.
  11. Azoulay-Avinoam S, Karhade D, Chwa K, Allareddy V. Use of Neural Network Artificial Intelligence Modelling to Examine Perioperative Outcomes following Craniosynostosis Surgical Repairs. E-Poster Presentation.
  12. Youel B, Atsawasuwan P, Viana G, Kusnoto B, Caplin J. Public Perception of Mail Order Aligner Options on Twitter™. E-Poster Presentation.
  13. Tsunoda K, Elnagar M, Viana G, Kusnoto B, Caplin J. The Assessment of Cephalometric Measurements at Various Degrees of Skull Orientation in the Sagittal Axis. E-Poster Presentation.
  14. Galang-Boquiren MT, Aliaj F, Viana G, Stache R. Phase of Respiration in CBCT Imaging for Upper Airway Analysis. E-Poster Presentation.
  15. Sanchez F, Makki A, Seagraves A. Treatment outcomes comparison between face mask protraction and GEAW mechanics after Class III correction on identical twins. E-Poster Presentation.

Congratulations to all residents and faculty for an outstanding performance! In Year 2020, UIC Orthodontics will have 15 presentations at the AAO Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia (May, 2020). Nine presentations at AADR/IADR event in DC (March 2020), and six at SCCM meeting in Orlando (February 2020). Thanks to the solid support of our alumni, we are able to support our residents and faculty to attend these meetings and present their work.

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