• February 15, 2018
Dr. Martin Kolinsky and Dr. Tricia Crosby


The long-term impact of private giving and the appreciation of recipients was on display  recently when more than 30 alumni, faculty, residents, and staff of the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry Department of Periodontics joined with Dean Clark Stanford and other College administrators at a special dedication ceremony. A significant major gift from Dr. Martin L. Kolinski and Dr. Tricia R. Crosby has allowed the College to create a new Postgraduate Periodontics Resident Room named in their honor.

Several other alumni and friends of the program made generous donations to help furnish the room and assisted in the renovation of the Periodontics Clinic as well. These special donors came forward during the quiet phase of IGNITE: The Campaign for UIC, which was made public last October.

Both Drs. Kolinski and Crosby are alumni of the College. Dr. Kolinski earned his DDS in 1978 and his Certificate in Periodontics in 1980. Dr. Crosby earned her DDS in 2004 and her Certificate in Periodontics (she was Chief Resident) and her MS in Oral Biology in 2007.

They practice together in St. Charles, IL, and are among the leading implant specialists in Illinois. They also serve as adjunct faculty members at the College in Periodontics.

“The College community will be forever grateful to Dr. Kolinski and Dr. Crosby for their generous gift to create this state-of-the-science facility,” said Dean Clark Stanford at the dedication. “This Resident Room is a key factor in our efforts to renovate the space dedicated to the Department of Periodontics.”

Dean Stanford acknowledged several others who contributed to the Resident Room and Postgraduate Clinic.

Four members of the Periodontics Class of 1981 made gifts to name a resident workstation. They are Drs. Andrew W. Browar, James D. Kassolis, Timothy P. Walsh, and Michele Zmick-Garfield.

Dr. Alan L. Rosenfeld, ’74, Clinical Professor, Periodontics, named a resident workstation in honor of his father, Dr. Leon D. Rosenfeld.

Dr. Michael B. Hagearty, Periodontics ’72, named a resident workstation, honoring legendary faculty members Drs. Terry Annex, ’66, Erwin Barrington, ’59, Bennett Klavan, ’44, and Jerry Miller.

Dr. Frank A. Maggio, Loyola ’71, UIC Periodontics ’75, Clinical Assistant Professor, and his wife, Christine, made a generous naming gift for the department’s Sterilization Room.

Naming a surgical operatory was Dr. Thomas Braun, ’85, MS ’88, and his wife Maria.

Also naming a surgical operatory were members of the Towns family, Dr. Stephen B. Towns, ’73, Dr. Jeanette Holloway, Dr. Clarence Towns Jr., ’45, Endodontics ’65, MS ’75, and Dr. Eleanor Towns.

“I want to thank Dr. Kolinski, Dr. Crosby, and all of our donors from the bottom of my heart for your generosity during the IGNITE campaign, and for your belief in the important role that the Department of Periodontics and the UIC College of Dentistry play in Changing the Future of Oral Health,” Dean Stanford said.

Department Head Dr. Sal Nares spoke next, noting that, “Through the generous support of Dr. Kolinski and Dr. Crosby, we have been able to create a new resident space complete with new technology, teaching assistance, and furnishings.

“The room is away from the patient environment for the first time, providing privacy. It is a place conducive to learning, where residents and faculty can bond and consult with each other in a forum for open discussion, lecture, and literature reviews,” Dr. Nares said. “It is a place where residents can study complex cases in a spacious, comfortable, and collaborative environment.”

05R.2018_SOD_Periodedication-57.jpgThird-year resident Dr. Taylor Newman shared some heartfelt words on the impact of the new space for her and her fellow residents, noting that the new Resident Room “was literally the talk of the school. When residents from other departments came in to discuss cases, their jaws dropped, and they couldn’t stop saying how incredible the room is. Beaming with pride, we felt lucky to work in such a beautiful space.”

She noted that watching her co-residents make the space into a home by bringing in a bonsai tree, coasters, candles, and decorations was “one of the best aspects of this change. Everyone added their own flair, bringing a personal touch that was inspired by this renovation. In a way it let us be individuals, but at the same time brought us closer as a group.

“Life as a resident can be challenging, but knowing that we begin and end our day walking into a room that was made specifically for us, that caters to the needs of residents and the department, boosts the morale and lessens the load a bit,” Dr. Newman said.

“To know we are supported by the alumni means more than we can explain,” she added. “We are so grateful for the generosity that allowed this room to become possible, and for the mentorship and dedication to our education that the alumni have shown.”

Drs. Kolinski and Crosby came up to speak next, with Dr. Kolinski leading off by joking that he “never wanted to donate to a place that would have me as a speaker.” But he became serious when he noted that “when I was growing up I didn’t have much, so it is an honor to be able to make a donation like this.” 

Dr. Crosby noted that she started at the College in the hygiene program in 1996 and went on to earn a BS, DDS, certificate in Periodontics, and MS in Oral Biology, “spending 11 straight years here as a student—some of the hardest and most rewarding times of my life.

 “My experience here was second to none,” she continued. “For example, in 2004 we began routinely using CT imaging for all implant treatment plans. At this time we also began the routine use of Simplant software, which allowed us to embrace this prosthetically directed implant treatment philosophy. It was an example of how collaborative accountability opened the door for a new relationship with the Prosthodontics Department. This technology jump-started the learning in the PG Perio program to a high level.

“Periodontics means everything to me,” Dr. Crosby said, “and I want to thank the department for my education and introducing me to Marty.

“We strive every day to contribute to the good of our community, and we are honored to give back to the College,” Dr. Crosby said.

Dr. Kolinski agreed, and noted that he and Dr. Crosby not only have fun practicing, “but I didn’t know I was getting one of the best residents ever when she joined my practice. When you realize the person you are mentoring is better than you, you realize you are truly lucky.”

Drs. Kolinski, Crosby, Nares, and Stanford then cut the ribbon on the new Dr. Martin L. Kolinski and Dr. Tricia R. Crosby Resident Room.

The entourage then took a tour of the facility led by Program Director Dr. E. Dwayne Karateew, who noted that, “the Resident Room is a source of energy for the program. It exemplifies resident life, and it could not have been created without Dr. Crosby, Dr. Kolinski, and the benefactors from the Class of 1981, and Dr. Rosenfeld, as well as Dr. Maggio and others who contributed to our clinic.

“I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this truly wonderful place,” he concluded. “It makes us strong and gives us a joie de vivre.”

A reception followed, during which time Dr. Rosenfeld noted that the event created “a moment which will forever connect, past, present, and future periodontics at UIC. The opportunity to give back is priceless and rewarding, especially when donors show humility and are humbled by the opportunity.”

He said that Drs. Crosby and Kolinski “set a wonderful, heartfelt, sincere tone which will serve as a teachable moment for our residents as they begin their life journey. Taylor Newman’s remarks hit the perfect tone and showed the residents’ appreciation. The emerging vision of Drs. Stanford and Nares was on display.

“Meaningful incremental change takes time, and the stewards are worthy of our continued support and confidence,” Dr. Rosenfeld concluded.

Opportunities exist for alumni and friends to name surgical operatories in the new Department of Periodontics Postgraduate Clinic, as well as resident workstations in the Dr. Martin L. Kolinski and Dr. Tricia R. Crosby Postgraduate Periodontics Resident Room.

To create a legacy gift and contribute to the Department of Periodontics during the IGNITE campaign, contact Director of Development Bruno Mancari at (312) 413-3554 or bmancari@uic.edu


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