• March 5, 2019
Most Common Questions from Foreign Trained Dentists About the DMD-AS


The UIC Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) Advanced Standing Program is designed for graduates of a recognized foreign dental school who want to practice dentistry in the United States.

The program consists of a condensed 30 month schedule of coursework and clinical experience to deliver strong competencies in health promotion and disease prevention, diagnosis, evidence-based practice, communication, collaboration, and community engagement.

Upon the successful completion of the program the participant is awarded a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree, and is prepared to gain licensure in the US and be able to practice in any state.


Most Frequently Asked Questions About the DMD Advanced Standing Program

We get a lot of questions from foreign trained dentist applicants about the DMD-AS.

Here are the top four most commonly asked questions, and their answers.


Question #1:

Can I apply if I am currently in the United States on a visa?



The College of Dentistry is accepting applications from students that currently hold a U.S. valid visa status. If your visa status allows you to study, you can apply to our program. Please seek legal counsel if you are unsure that your visa status allows you to study in the U.S.



Question #2:

Can I send UIC my updated National Board part II result after the deadline?



No, the National Board exam part II is required to apply to the program. You have to pass both national board part I and II at the time of application.



Question #3:

How many letters of recommendation does UIC require for the DMD-AS program?



UIC requires 2 letters of recommendation. Preferably, one should be from a U.S. dental practitioner. UIC does not require a letter of recommendation from the Dean of your dental school. Letters should be on letterhead with the recommender's title and signature.



Question #4:

When will UIC begin the review and interview process for the DMD-AS program?



UIC will start reviewing applications in mid-March. The interview process will take place from April to August.



Do you have more questions?

Check out our DMD-AS frequently asked questions page for the answers.



Roadmap to US Dental School for Foreign Trained Dentists

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