• June 8, 2017
UIC College of Dentistry Peer Mentoring Group: Students Helping Each Other

The Peer Mentoring Group (PMG) at UIC College of Dentistry consists of mentors from each DMD class, who provide support to the classes in the years below to enhance their success through improved academic and clinical skills.  It is a wonderful program intended to provide mentorship and cultivate the relationship among dental students as they navigate through the challenges presented each year. Activities planned include mock exams, Q/A reviews, and small group clinic sessions to promote academic success

The PMG currently consists of three committees: DBCS, DAOB Clinic, and DAOB Didactic. The 2016-2017 year committees are headed by Samuel Kang, Seok-Hun Jung, and Joseph Powers respectively. The president of PMG is Clara Bajzek.


During a recent event, the UIC ADEA chapter hosted a Peer Mentoring Group (PMG) DAOB Clinical Skills Event for the D2 class in which D3 and D4 mentors guided D2s with Class IV composite restorations and crown preps.  We hope to continue to cultivate a collaborative environment among students at UIC COD by hosting more events like these. Thank you for all the support!  

In another event, the mentors group hosted a waxing event to assist the D1s. The Waxing Strategies Workshop was a huge success, demonstrating useful strategies for diagnostic wax cast impressions. Waxing is an essential skill for dentists because it is a way to quickly show patients a mock-up of the intended treatment before it is performed. This particular event was coordinated by Seok-Hun Jung, Joanna Kopytek and Karen Homsi. 

The group was a vision from Dr. Haein Kil who graduated from UIC this past summer (2016). Dr. Kil’s initial organization efforts were supported by Dr. Priscilla Chang who volunteered as the faculty mentor for the group. The vision has continued to develop to the current very active group of students who volunteer their time to help new D1 students adjust to the demands of the challenging dental school curriculum. The recent waxing activity is an inspiring example of how the group has developed to further the UIC concept of students helping other students succeed in the dental curriculum. The group has grown from just a few students to include many students and supporting faculty  who donate their time to help this effort succeed.

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