• June 22, 2017

Dr. Veronica Haywood, DPT, PT, a Clinical Postdoctoral Fellow and Graduate Student Researcher in the Center for Wound Healing and Tissue Regeneration, received the Wound Healing Foundation-3M Fellowship for 2017-18.  Dr. Haywood is working on a PhD in Oral Sciences at the College.

“Since the beginning of this Fellowship, 3M has provided generous support for this award and has helped to accomplish the foundation mission—to improve the quality of life for wound healing patients and their families through support of awareness, research, and education,” according to Laura K.S. Parnell, President of the Providence, RI-based foundation.

“The award provides her with $15,000 to use for her research supplies and needs,” said Dr. Luisa DiPietro, Director for the Center for Wound Healing and Tissue Regeneration.

Dr. Haywood’s research is on “Enzymatic Protein Glycosylation during Normal and Diabetic Wound Healing.” She is “examining the regulation of sugar molecules that are added onto certain proteins and looking to identify whether these are changing over the course of wound healing and in diabetes,” Dr. Haywood said.

She hopes to “improve our understanding of the role that protein glycosylation plays in the development of comorbidities associated with pathological conditions like diabetes,” Dr. Haywood said. “Additionally, I hope that this line of research will be used within the medical and dental communities to explore better biomarkers for disease susceptibility, prediction of outcomes, and treatments for conditions like diabetes- associated ulcers and gingivitis”.

The foundation approved Dr. Haywood’s application for the fellowship in a competitive process, and awarded it to her at the Wound Healing Society annual meeting in San Diego, CA, in April.


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