• June 22, 2017
Dr. Masood Sirjani with his award-winning research poster

For the second year in a row, an Endodontics Resident won an award at the American Association of Endodontists meeting by scoring in the top ten of the judged research poster presentations.

Dr. Masood Sirjani, Endodontics Postgrad 2, received the AAE Dentsply/Sirona Award for “Effect of BoNT-A on Proliferation and Differentiation of DPSCs in Hypoxic Conditions.”

He is quick to credit the members of his project team as integral to receiving this honor.

“Our project team is very excited about this research,” Dr. Sirjani said. “It not only opens an avenue that in the future may lead to the successful regeneration of dental pulp stem cells, possibly improving outcomes in endodontics and dentistry, but also could potentially apply to regeneration of stem cells in other parts of the body. 

“Stem cell regeneration has important implications for the treatment of autoimmune, neurological, cardiovascular, and many other types of conditions,” he noted. “The award that we received for this first exploration is an encouraging indication of interest from the scientific community. We are honored and grateful to have been chosen among the finalists at AAE, where so many innovative research projects were presented this year. 

“Part of our award will be dedicated to funding future research efforts on this topic, benefiting UIC and our project team by advancing our understanding of the potential of botulinum toxin to accomplish stem cell regeneration,” Dr. Sirjani concluded.

The meeting was in New Orleans, and there were 115 research posters in the competition. All nine Endodontics Postgrads and many faculty attended the meeting. Dr. Sirjani’s research mentor is Dr. Satish Alapati, Assistant Professor, Endodontics.

Photo Caption: Dr. Masood Sirjani with his award-winning research poster.

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