• April 10, 2017
UIC College of Dentistry Clinic and Research Day

The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry has a new Vision, Mission, and Core Values, summed up in a new motto, “Changing the Future of Oral Health.”

“With the campus preparing for accreditation review in the spring of 2017, we wanted to review these statements,” Dean Clark Stanford explained. “Plus, when I joined the College in 2014, I felt it time to examine and update them.”

The new statements, Dr. Stanford said, “ground our college in its basic mission and aligns our Vision, Mission, and Core Values with Chancellor Michael Amiridis’s four Strategic Priorities for UIC. This was done with an intensive inclusion of stakeholders’ views and opinions and—rather helpful and surprising— an easy alignment with campus and our Universities’ systems strategic plans. While not intentional, it shows wonderful alignment of our College with our University and our future!” 

The Chancellor’s four Strategic Priorities are:

(1) Students’ Experience,

(2) Engagement and Focus on Chicago,

(3) Research Status and Reputation,

(4) New Business Model (An Entrepreneurial Approach).

“Our College represents a new generation of oral health providers and oral health research, and we want our statements to reflect this,” Dr. Stanford said. “The College is all about anchoring oral health in the primary care team with dentistry leading the way.” 

The process for revising the statements began with a task force led by Dr. Stephen Campbell, Head, Restorative Dentistry. Faculty examined and discussed the statements at their fall 2015 retreat, and members of the College community continued to provide their input for the next several months. The new aspirations were approved as a part of the College’s By-Laws in the fall of 2016.

“Regardless of what happens in Springfield with the budget, our College is strong,” Dr. Stanford said. “These statements demonstrate we have a Vision, Mission, and Core Values driving what we want and need to do.  We are an integral part of the primary care team at UIC, and we are Changing the Future of Oral Health.”


Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide excellence in oral health education, research, and service, through improving the health and wellness of our communities, providing exemplary care for our patients, and advancing the knowledge to do so.


Mission Statement

* To educate oral health professionals and scholars who excel in a complex, multicultural and technologically changing world;

* To discover and translate new knowledge at the boundaries of science, transforming oral health care practice, social systems and related technologies for the benefit of individuals, families and communities;

* To provide oral and health education & clinical services of the highest quality with an emphasis on enhancing health equity and social justice for individuals and communities;

* To prepare health professionals in addressing the challenges of access to care affecting underserved populations;

* To collaborate with our urban and rural community partners in mutually beneficial ways; and

* To advocate for public policies, perceptions, and practices that lead to inclusion of oral health as an integral part of the inter-professional emphasis on the health of the communities we serve.


Core Values

In addition to the University’s core values of knowledge, openness, access, excellence, collaboration and caring, The College of Dentistry has unique core values that including: professionalism, respect, transparency, responsibility, curiosity, flexibility, commitment and inclusion.

                * Professionalism – the highest ethical principles in our research, teaching and helping those we serve.

                * Respect – the highest level of mutual respect of the person between all members of our communities,

                * Beneficence – the obligation for all college members to strive to do no harm, maximize benefit; minimize harm in a global, multicultural environment,

                * Transparency – regarding all aspects of how the College addresses the vision and missions,

                * Responsibility – the most efficient and effective use of all human and related resources to fulfill our missions,

                * Curiosity – regarding novel educational, research, service ideas leading to new discoveries,

                * Flexibility – regarding how we achieve our aspirations through accountability of outcomes,

                * Commitment – regarding the highest ethical values in serving our students and communities,

                * Inclusion – regarding the role of diversity in engaging students, faculty and staff.

                (UIC College of Dentistry Faculty By-Laws, Adopted 2016)


University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry, 801 S. Paulina St., Chicago, IL 60612

Photo:  University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry Student James Appiah explains his research at the College’s recent Clinic and Research Day. Research is an important component of how the College is “Changing the Future of Oral Health.”

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