You are Part of our Alumni Family

Welcome, graduates!

You are now part of our alumni family and among 6,000+ dental alumni. We welcome your involvement as a lifetime representative of the College of Dentistry. Remaining engaged with the College makes sure your success is achieved and celebrated beyond your dental school days. We are here to create a lifetime of engagement and connection to alumni resources, leadership, and continuing education opportunities. 

The UIC Dental Alumni Board is an arm of the UIC Alumni Association and is a leadership opportunity as the College and Directors provide a voice and support policy and programming for a variety of issues that impact alumni. As a Director, you’ll have the opportunity to network, renew old acquaintances and make new ones, become a strong ambassador for the College, interact with dental students, postgraduates, and residents, and make meaningful changes at the College of Dentistry.

Your Dental Alumni Board advocates on behalf of the College and our alumni community, advises the Dean on matters central to the health of the College, presents awards to alumni and students, and sponsors student and alumni events. 

For more information, call us at (312) 413-8479 or email

News Corner

Alumni in the News. (April – October 2019)

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