UIC Dental Alumni Board of Directors

The mission of the UIC Dental Alumni Board of Directors is to enhance and advance the relationship between the UIC College of Dentistry and all of its alumni, and to inspire lifelong loyalty and pride in the College and its departments. The Board does this by planning and participating in alumni engagement efforts, engaging in public relations efforts, and providing financial assistance for the College and its programs. The Board also functions as an advocate for alumni by expressing their opinions and preferences to College of Dentistry leadership. In addition, it inspires loyalty and pride in the College by providing opportunities for continued communication, involvement, and relationships among alumni worldwide, and informs and updates alumni as to the achievements of the UIC College of Dentistry in teaching, research, patient care, and public service.

The objectives of the UIC Dental Alumni Board of Directors are to support the Mission and Vision of the UIC College of Dentistry and to recognize and celebrate the achievements and contributions of UIC College of Dentistry alumni and friends.

Message from the President

Dear Alumni and Friends:

The UIC Dental Alumni Board provides opportunities to make a difference, through engaging in events and activities to help you stay connected to friends, or by making a financial contribution to help the College and over 430 students on their way to becoming practicing dentists.

As the largest oral health college and patient oral healthcare provider in Illinois, the College continues to invest in clinical, research, and learning facilities to improve student and patient experiences.  That is not without its challenges, however.  Tuition and fees provide the largest share of the College's funding (51%), and that is not enough to continue to build state-of-the-art facilities and enhance educational opportunities.  Recently, the College began the IGNITE campaign and many of the College’s alumni and friends, along with alumni from Loyola University have stepped forward. It is wonderful to see this investment from alumni to help redefine the student experience, support faculty, enhance research initiatives, and strengthen community connection. 

Additionally, the College provides several events to engage alumni and friends. The Reunion takes place each April and brings together over 150 alumni to share dinner with old friends, reminisce with faculty, and celebrate anniversary years. The annual Golf Outing provides an afternoon of fun and fellowship with a portion of proceeds supporting the College. There are also several receptions throughout the year.  Events are a terrific way to take a break from our daily schedules and enjoy the company of fellow alumni or meet new friends and I welcome your attendance. 

If you are interested in becoming more engaged please contact me directly, or reach out to the Advancement team.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Dr. Jon Nickelsen, '03
President, UIC Dental Alumni Board

Interested in serving on the Board?

Please complete the application and submit to DentAlumniBoard@uic.edu. For more information, call (312) 413-8479.

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