UIC College of Dentistry Postdoctoral Special Program in Periodontics

Program Description

The Periodontics Externship Scholars Program is a non-credited externship program designed to develop an in-depth appreciation and understanding of an advanced periodontics curriculum. The extern will participate in academic courses, review of the scientific literature, and intense observation of many different clinical procedures within the graduate periodontics clinic.  The program offers flexible durations of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. This is a continuing education externship and a tuition fee is required to attend. Participants in the program will receive a certificate of attendance with specific dates of attendance upon completion.

While this program does not involve hands-on patient treatment, the extern will have the opportunity of observing advanced periodontal and implant related surgical procedures. They will also have the opportunity to collaborate with other graduate specialty programs, including our Endodontics, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics, Prosthodontics,  and Pediatric Dentistry programs. Additionally, the extern will have the opportunity to advance their scientific knowledge in basic and translational oral sciences research, including a focus in periodontics and immunology.

Paricipants follow the same clinic schedule and experience a full range of clinical procedures performed in our advanced graduate clinics. These procedures include:

  • Regenerative and resective surgery for the treatment of periodontitis;
  • Periodontal plastic surgery to correct acquired mucogingival defects;
  • Crown lengthening surgery;
  • Site development for implant placement (including guided bone regeneration, and autogenous block grafts); and
  • Implant surgery (conventional and computer guided).

Didactic courses are offered on the following:

  • Periodontal Treatment Planning/Therapy Seminar
  • Periodontal Literature Seminar
  • Basic Implantology
  • Anesthesia and Pain Control
  • Implant Diagnosis and Treatment Seminar
  • Advanced Craniofacial Anatomy
  • Advanced Oral Sciences
  • Radiology for the Dental Specialist

Participants will also participate in preclinical hands-on experiences in implant surgery and periodontal surgery utilizing porcine heads and models.

This program will serve as an opportunity for the foreign trained dentist to become familiar with the specialty, determine their level of interest for future formal residency training, enhance their English language skills, demonstrate their interest in advanced training, and demonstrate familiarity with a wide range of periodontal and implant procedures. UIC faculty may provide a letter of reference upon completion of the program.


  • 1 week (Mon - Fri) -$750
  • 1 Month- $2500
  • 3 months- $7000
  • 6 months- $13,500
  • 9 months- $19,750
  • 12 months- $25, 800

Admission Requirements

  • Personal Statement
  • Transcripts (college/professional)
  • Resume

Please send these documents as email attachments to Dr. David Gaston, Director, Periodontics Scholars Externship Program and Dr. Kevin Luan  Co-Director, Periodontics Scholars  Externship Program.

Selected participants will be contacted to complete the application process and to determine your start date. One half of the non-refundable tuition is required one week after notice of acceptance into the program.

On the first day of the program the balance of tuition will be due. HIPPA training and orientation will be completed and observation will begin.


Dr. David Gaston
Director, Periodontics Scholars Externship Program
Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Periodontics
College of Dentistry
University of Illinois at Chicago
801 S. Paulina Street - Room 458
Chicago, IL 60612
(312) 996-7238

Dr. Kevin Luan

Co-Director, Periodontics Scholars Externship Program
Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology
Department of Periodontics
College of Dentistry
University of Illinois at Chicago
801 S. Paulina Street - Room 446C
Chicago, IL 60612
(312) 996-8756

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